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We have presented here the most frequently asked questions
Nicholas Price is asked by art collectors and the media.
If you have a specific question you would like us to answer, please
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Do you use any assistants or third party services to create your sculptures?
No all the work showcased is created solely by my hand.

Where do you source your wood from?
The hardwoods used are not from trees felled from a protected rain forest but are
American tree woods acquired as a result of natural causes such as weather or
What kind of finishing do you apply to your sculptures?
I use naturally derived treatments after sculpting the wood such as plant oils and
waxes to finish and preserve the woods. I endeavor to retain as much of the
naturally occurring colors and hues as possible.

Do you undertake commissions?
Yes, but on a strictly limited basis

Do you undertake large scale public art projects?
Yes, but again on a strictly limited basis.

Is my acquisition one-of-a-kind?
Yes, I guarantee a unique edition of all my sculptures. A certificate or statement
of authenticity is included with every acquisition and I sign my pieces individually.

I am a gallery proprietor and would like to represent your work/create a
special showcase event of your work. What do I need to do?
I am represented by a great team of marketing and management staff who are
always open to discussing opportunities with upscale establishments who wish to
represent me. Please feel free to contact them via email with a brief introduction
that includes your business information and website. They will be in touch with you
within one business day.
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