Nicholas A. Price Sculpture Gallery

There's proof that public art can make a difference in people's lives.
Artist Nicholas Price has several major visual projects throughout the United States as well as private installations in other countries that are uniting people from all different kinds of social and economic backgrounds.
Many people stop the artist when they see him to tell them their own story of why his work has meaning for them or to tell him why the experience of going to work has become a more fulfilling one as they pass his public art every day or take to heart the message that has inspired the artist and his work, into their own lives.

Nicholas Price is adamant in bringing his art to the public, especially to our children who our future art custodians. Through non-traditional means and methods Nicholas wants to help encourage an understanding that the art experience is a very personal one, which should be explored without intimidation or pressure and in which final interpretation belongs to the viewer - as this will help continue the future need, passion and love to have art in the private and public domain.

Noted Sculpture List

Nicholas Price's sculpture list is extensive. This list contains commissions and acquisitions of specific large scale sculptures in private and public domain.

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