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This page is dedicated to serious enquiries from realtors, interior designers, landscape designers and developers who introduce the artwork of Nicholas Price for projects and/or commissions to the private and public sector.

When Nicholas Price undertakes a landmark art project for small and large real estate, not only does it create a special highlight in that development but captures the attention of the very people you are trying to attract to the project. Whether it's the high net worth individual or a Fortune 500 Company looking to re-locate their headquarters, we have proof that Public Art by Nicholas Price is a major and integral part of any real estate development and the positive long-term effect it can have on the overall project.

Generally, in progressive developments as with all Federal new-build, an art budget of between 1% and 2 % of the total project cost is now regarded as the norm.
We pay an introducer's fee to all representatives whose introductions result in actual contracts for Nicholas Price.

A set introducers fee is agreed for projects up to $100,000 in art commissions and/or sales.

On art projects of $100,000 and above, fees are negotiated on a case-by-case basis and range from 2% to 8% of the contract agreed.

We will work with the introducing agent to not only actively pursue contracts with developers and contacts, but also provide assistance and complimentary consultancy to help you market yourself and your services through our high-end "Artful Soiree's", press and marketing on the local and national level, all as part of the service.

For introducers that provide a high level of introductions (total contracts of $1 Million or more over a 12 month period) you will qualify as our Platinum Introducers and be invited to attend the Luxury Market Summit - an annual round table event to meet with CEO's and high level executives who are part of our Luxury Brand Corporate Partnerships.

The Luxury Market Summit will be an all expenses paid trip to to a high-end resort for our Platinum Introducers, to attend this two day summit which normally amounts to an intimate group of powerful individuals that use Nicholas Price's art to make a difference in their company by thinking out of the box.
This will be a valuable opportunity to network and exchange ideas in marketing to the high net worth individual - a profile that fits our mutual client profile.
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